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Hip Hop

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Columbia, Sc


Im somebody who come from nothing and hustle to turn my life into something. I come from a city way artists don’t make it. They either get locked, end up dead or fail in they craft.
I come from a neighborhood of crime drug dealing, Feens, Prostitution, and killing. I always had the dream to be a NBA player but I seen that wasn’t my way out so I begin to rap about my life things I seen and been through. I graduate highschool in 2012. Soon as I graduate I was introduce to a new lifestyle call the trap. I jump in the streets in was young with no experience just learn the scale and took off from there.
I took so many losts and started to put myself in situation I couldn’t get out of so I fell back. Put more time in the music and learned the business sides then things start to change. I started getting shows n people to show me love. I work with Prod and Artist Nationboy. I met Mi5ta Mack and now we putting a record together for the streets. Im young and coming from Columbia, South Carolina streets and put life on beats. The streets a trap now and I just want to eat take care my family cuz da struggle all we know. Im just trying to tell my story in quotes and give yall real music to relate to. This the bio of Yung Smooth I cant just tell yall everything now so go check out and buy How U Want It, Trap, PayBack, Blunt Up, Money Talk, And Money Addicted on Itunes. Google Play, And Amazon. Grinch Who Stole Beatz And Road 2 Riches (Double R) on spinrilla we just getting started. Southern Swagg my team my group and im the artist and Ceo Yung Smooth. Yall stay tune we coming to make history.

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