About The Sick 6

Technological advances have made it much easier to create music, leading to an increase of the amount of musicians.

Though many of these musicians have the ability to create music, they lack the business knowledge and expertise needed to be successful, which makes it harder for them to establish themselves in the fast growing music industry.

TheSick6.com is a an online music hub that helps independent artists gain global exposure to both new listeners and record labels whilst providing an ongoing opportunity to earn money from their music and giving useful career advice through an interactive Blog.

To become one of The Sick Artists…

To become one of the Sick Artists, just upload up to 3 of YOUR songs.

Remember, all songs must belong to you and anyone else who appears on the songs; in case of co-ownership of the copyright, a song’s use on our website should be agreed between you and the other owners. Please read more in our Terms & Conditions.

After you have submitted your songs, we will carefully listen to each one of them and get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if your songs are going to be published in our Music Mix.

When your songs are on the website, don’t forget to tell all of your friends & fans to vote for you. Getting the most votes weekly, bimonthly and yearly will give you cash & promotional awards of all kinds!

How our Music Contest works

So we are an undiscovered music streaming platform that revolves around an ongoing competition in which listeners vote for our artists’ songs out of five stars, whether they love them or not. Each artist is assigned a rating position based on the votes he gets.
Throughout the year, each week we reward 50 artists with prizes and announce the Top 6.

Every six weeks, artists who were “Number 1” compete for home studio equipment (Audio-Technica condenser mic, AKG closed headphones, Presonus Audiobox and Klotz gold XLR cable), artwork design, personal webpage (“artist.thesick6.com”), sound mixing services and live instrument dubs from our sponsors, and last but not least, direct promotion to talent scouts worldwide!

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